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Discover tips that will make your life easier at the time to host your site.

How to host a website

We arrived at a time when any company must have a website or a web page. More than just another form of promotion, a website today is like the matrix of a company in the virtual environment – companies that have no online home immediately fall in the public's distrust, losing customers and even suppliers in some cases.

But how to host your website once it has been developed by a professional or by employees of your company?

What is needed?

First of all, you need the named domain. The domain is the address with which the user will access or find your website on the Internet – the "www" something. Also in website construction, or even before that, we need you to check the availability of the domain that works best or identifies your company. As in the case of Maxihost -

In some cases, you will not find the exact domain of your business name available on the web. The solution is to use a similar domain or even try a contact with the current domain owner, aimed at an agreement to acquire the rights on it.

The domain must be registered through the or companies that do this type of service, though many web hosting companies – those that will host your site – offer free domain registration for their clients.

Speaking of hosting

Returning to the subject, what is "to host" a website? Well, as files on your computer, your website files need to be the saved somewhere, to be accessed by users through the domain you chose.

However, your personal computer is not "open" to people's access through the Internet. So you need to use a web hosting service – these companies, as well as Maxihost offer space on servers and computers that are connected all the time with the web. "Hosting" your website files in them and directing the domain to the address of the same, you will make your site available to any person who accesses the chosen address.

The site files are stored on a disk on these servers and can be changed remotely and accessed by you if you need to update the website or insert new content.

Pay attention

In practice, when you hire a web hosting service, you are "renting" a space in one of these servers connected to the internet. The characteristics of this service and its features may change, so it is always good that you have the assistance of a professional who is used to building and hosting websites, in order to not to have any problems.

The size of the space to be hired is an important item. It is necessary that the service has enough space available to write all the files of your website and also some space for future updates and additions of new content.

If the transfer volume is exceeded, it is possible that the website will not be accessed unless you hire a larger volume. Some providers, however, do not restrict this volume – but beware! Many times the transfer rate is unlimited, but the access speed drops dramatically after a certain amount of data.

It is also important to remember that the storage space of the host disk that you will hire can also be used to store the inboxes of e-mails from your company. It is common, even in companies with light and simple websites, to have several emails from employees with full inboxes, which take up space and transfer rates in providers. Learn also how to scale this volume of data, in order not to have to face unforeseen events and downtime in your emails.

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