Data Center

Find out what a Data Center is.

What is a data center?

The name refers undoubtedly to something big and connected to technology, but after all, what is a data center?

Um data center nada mais é do que um local físico projetado especialmente para receber e abrigar servidores e outros componentes de armazenamento e processamento de dados – dispositivos de “storage” e também ativos de rede, como switchers, roteadores e outros. Data centers são construídos e projetados para manter os servidores funcionando em nível otimizado, compensando problemas comuns em informática, como o superaquecimento, por exemplo.

Data centers are usually in temperate regions, have spacious and cold corridors to receive the computers and all the infrastructure to keep these machines connected and fed with enough energy to operate at a satisfactory level.

Information that make a difference on a Data Center

Security – Better safe than sorry

A data center must be equipped with all the infrastructure that allows the servers placed there to remain accessible, no matter what happens. Connection redundancy systems, if there are any flaws, extra wiring in the event of failures, autonomous systems and power generators. Everything must be set up so as to ensure that, in an ideal world, nothing ever goes wrong.

However, problems occur anyway. For this, data centers usually also have local maintenance and support teams, and personal remotely actionable should you need emergency repairs or quick replacements of defective equipment and components.

Furthermore, the asset security is also critical in a good data center. With thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in computers and machines, the entire data center area is usually equipped with CCTV systems, sensors, identification and biometrics systems and all the apparatus necessary to prevent robberies, thefts and break-ins. Armed guards are also commonly used to make the rounds and surveillance systems.

Finally, data centers have fire suppression and detection of heat and smoke systems. Even with a large cooling capacity, breakdowns can lead to overheating of the machines and, in these situations, quick action can prevent extensive damage.


But the heavy work in a data center is not only physically tiring – computers are constantly monitored remotely to ensure the stability of systems and standardized operation.

Data centers are huge computers to process data, and in the case of structures with heavy use, a single computer with operational problems can lead to data overload in various other machinery structure.

The world's great technology companies operate their own data centers, such as Google, Facebook and IBM. Other companies, in addition to operating their own data centers, to use in their applications and products, "rent" space in their centers for third parties – such as Amazon.


Some leading companies in the hosting and cloud services segment, as Maxihost, have huge data centers to serve its customers. As the renovation and purchase of new machinery is constant, sometimes older servers or servers with lesser degree of use are put at the service of interested customers – a practice also known as "data center outlet".

In this mode, you can afford to allocate excellent machines to use as dedicated servers for very attractive prices. Some of these computers even have specific features or settings that fit "like a glove" the needs of your business.

Allocate one of these computers means that you will be relying on excellent quality computers that can be configured and customized according to the needs of your company, with more attractive prices to new servers.

Especially for small businesses that have systems that require dedicated machines, such as ERP software or control and project management, outlets in data centers can mean a quick, cheap and, above all, customized solution.

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