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When it comes to web hosting service, most companies and users refer to shared servers - but this is only one type of service or servers that you can own.

There are at least six other types of web servers on the market, each with advantages, disadvantages and specific applications.

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Shared Webhosting

Since the shared server, also known as shared host (from the English "split" or "shared"), is the most common of them, let's start here. The significance of this type of service is even in its name. The web hosting company maintain a server, or computer, with a space and resources that are shared by a number of small users of the service.

As the vast majority of personal websites or small business use a space that rarely exceeds 5Gb or 10Gb, the vast majority of shared servers end up being divided between 100 customers or more. These customers also do not run complex applications, with many requests made to databases, that's why they do not need servers with special or fully dedicated resources.

This is a cheap and relatively limited service, but ideal for those using simple websites, HTML/CSS, or work with light personal and business websites in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other CMS systems running on PHP and Apache (which are a standard on shared servers).

The best hosting with the best servers

Maxihost has managed to please their customers because it invests in safety and secure and robust servers, which can either be Dedicated or Cloud. In addition, there is a whole specific development of servers for different OS: Linux and Windows.

To rely on a high quality service, as offered by Maxihost, when hiring the hosting for your website, can mean the difference between success or the "invisibility" of your brand. Make the right choice!

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