Reseller Hosting

Learn more about reseller hosting and for whom it is indicated!

What is this reseller hosting?

Who is already more used to have pages on the internet have heard of the term "resale", referring to a service commonly offered by web hosting companies. The method is widely used by professionals and agencies that produce websites to serve its customers in a customized and simple way. But what does it mean, anyway?

Well, reseller hosting is nothing more than hiring space from a web hosting service company in order to resell smaller spaces to third parties. Compared to shared hosting plans, reseller service allows the contractor to allocate smaller spaces within the hosting that he purchased for their own customers.

Important information about reseller hosting

How it is Managed

While in shared hosting you usually get access to a panel (called cPanel) and password for managing your files via FTP, in the resale the contractor also get access to a system called WHM - short for Web Hosting Manager.

Through it, the user who signed for a reseller hosting plan can create profiles for your customers to host websites, offering each of them a distinct cPanel and FTP passwords.

These plans certainly are a little more expensive than regular shared hosting plans, since your goal is to generate revenue for the contractor. In addition, resources are more powerful and allow the contractor to access many more features such as managing multiple accounts, backup systems management, among others.


From a good reseller plan, you can create your own hosting company websites without having servers or machines, or any physical structure. In addition, you can customize through the WHM, your logo, price lists, packages to be offered to your customers and also what features will be offered in each of these packages.

You can create packages not only with different data flow storage volumes, but also restrict the number of e-mail accounts, parked domains, SQL databases, website building resources and more.

Size and Scale

There are several types and sizes of reseller hosting plans on the market. However, for those looking to enter the segment, they are not the only option. You can also create reseller systems from hiring dedicated servers – in them the contractor has as many or more resources than the resale plans and also has predictable processing resources and disks that are used only for himself and his clients.

Other forms of cloud services also serve the purpose, however, at first, the most correct is to hire a reseller plan, until you can address your costs and profits from the business safely, only to thereafter grow your business.

Client profile

Customers who often hire reseller plans include, as mentioned earlier, freelancers and agencies to carry out web design services and website development and more rudimentary applications.

However, there are also other types of customers - some common individuals, looking for supplementary income. The examples are many: from residents of condominiums in search of profits from the sale to neighbors and even Internet geeks willing to get customers from the use of social networks.

Tips for those who want to start

Besides seeking the best value for your reseller plan, future business owners need access to the main necessary asset necessary – customers – in addition to following a few simple tips:

  • Search for servers and plans with good resources and good volume of data flow – as many sites are going to be hosted on the server space you hired, it is needed processing speed and good security and settings.

  • Set few packages to start using as a base for both prices and the main features offered in the internet hosting providers. There is no use in charging very much and not even making it too cheap. Ideally, you remain at levels close to the competition.

  • Perform frequent maintenance and keep constantly updated installations – or demand it from your web hosting provider.

  • Try to hire a Brazilian web hosting company - it is not parochialism, but unless you speak English at a very advanced level, you will not enjoy the well performed transport.

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