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A rapidly changing market

The end services market with big names in retail, but it is a rapidly evolving segment, which is gaining hosting services and cloud specialized servers, focusing on certain types of users and usage profiles demanded by startups; companies that deal with huge databases; and development of specific applications, requiring VPS or dedicated servers that run software, languages and more varied and flexible frameworks.

  • 2012 – The watershed

    2012 was marked, in the Brazilian internet, by the concern of small and medium enterprises with the proliferation of social networks. Aware that it had become impossible to reach their customers without a consistent online presence, these companies began to renew their websites to offer online services and systems, selling on online stores and creating multiple integrations with social networks and media.

    All this has required web hosting services that are more relevant, varied and, mainly, accessible. Competition has been intensified and new market leaders began to emerge, offering more heavy work, flexible servers, software for creating online stores and all kinds of apparatus that could help these small business owners to create a striking digital presence.

  • Hardware also weighs

    In the beginning, space was what mattered most in a bid to web hosting or cloud server. Today, with millions of databases requests, many integrations, high transfer rates with videos and live streaming, the hardware of a good cloud server also makes a difference.

    Customers have become more demanding in the choice of hardware of their web servers and companies with good variety of machines and also possibilities to update and upgrade the existing machines are pulling ahead.

  • Cloud space is a commodity – being sold increasingly by volume of use. However, with the sophistication of software and frameworks that currently operate most part of the web, services with obsolete or poorly updated equipment tend to disappear.

As a next step, Brazilian companies must initiate the transfer of your applications – not just data - to the cloud. Cloud servers and service companies with capacity for rapid scalability should grow fast, while standard web hosting solutions will fall into disuse.

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