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We hope that you have full attention to the type of hosting you will choose; this decision will greatly influence the functionality of your site and in the impression that will cause to your customers.

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A quality hosting service is essential to attract audience and be able to increase the conversion. But what are the main features that a hosting needs to offer to your customer, so that the site operates fully effectively and safely? See the following:

Server location

Prefer hosting whose servers are located in Brazil, since it is important to always keep your site fast and available. This is the case of Maxihost hosting services.

Com quatro data centers robustos funcionando em São Paulo, a acessibilidade a seu site será total, sempre, afinal, um servidor em nosso país pode se comunicar mais rapidamente com a conexão que também está em território brasileiro.


This is the nomenclature given to the stability of the site. For any website, blog or portal, to be offline, even for short periods of time, is synonymous with not existing. For certain areas, such as online stores, a website that is not stable is a likely candidate to lose sales because the potential customer often does not have the availability to check again and again if your site is back to normal – and he will eventually be going to buy from a competitor.

To avoid such damage, Maxihost has high-performance and fast activation dedicated servers; as well as an extremely quickly interconnection, allowing your page to be constantly online.

Fast loading

A site that takes a long time to load is synonymous of part of your audience to give up keeping browsing through your site. Of course, if there is anything a digital entrepreneur does not want it is precisely the loss of the audience for the slowness of his site.

Maxihost understands that a hosting service has full relationship with the opening speed of the site and thinking about it, its data centers are located in São Paulo, with very low latency to any provider located in Brazil.


Security is another key aspect in hosting services. The technology offered by Maxihost combats DoS and DDoS attacks by means of automated and fully transparent filtering. This is undoubtedly a great protection strategy to the server, preserving the privacy of your data and the Peace and quiet necessary for the entrepreneur to concentrate on your business.


Data protection is a central issue at Maxihost. In order to make all customer data to be always available, with complete privacy and security, Maxihost has a tool that is simply a world leader in solutions for the backup area.

Maxihost's clients may have access to all of his backups through accessible interface, which offers granular restores of database, files and any important information to your site.

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