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Online games demand low latency and security so everyone can enjoy their games without frustrations such as high pings and offline servers due to DoS and DDoS attacks.

When deploying your World of Warcraft server with Maxihost, you automatically gain access to our proprietary attack prevention and mitigation system, as well as an specific network optimised for online gaming.

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World of Warcraft

The best solution for dedicated servers

Distributed in four data centers in São Paulo. The best SLA of the segment.

  • Protection against attacks

    Whether you host online games, e-commerce or other target applications of malicious activity. Attack is our problem and not our client's. We have a proprietary technology at fighting DoS and DDoS type of attacks, making automatic and transparent filters for the end user.

  • 10TB Transfer

    All servers come with 10TB of free bandwidth and only U$0.05 per extra GB.

  • Flexible servers

    Customize everything in your dedicated server. One or two CPUs, more memory, SATA or SSD disk, with or without managed backup and more.

Managed backup

Replicate and restore your files in minutes, not days.

Protect your business data.

Every business depends on data, so it is critical that every precaution to protect them are taken. Backups will protect your data from accidental loss, database corruption, natural disasters, hardware failure, and more. Keep your data replicated away from production. We take care of the configuration, maintenance and monitoring.

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