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Check out the necessary step by step to register your domain.

Domain – Why and how to register yours?

For first-time entrepreneurs in the internet world, it is common to hear, even before building a website or choose backup, storage or online processing online solutions, on such "domains".

In the technical definition, the domain is a name used to locate and identify a group of servers within the web. In practice, it is the web address you use to access a site, the "www" something.

Even before developing your website or online application, you must choose and purchase a domain that is in line with your brand or product, within those that are available for use.

Important information to register your domain

How to check availability

The vast majority of web hosting services – those that provide the space in which you will store your website or web application – have tools to verify the availability of a domain and usually also offer easier domain registration for their customers and users.

In URLs in the format "" We can separate the field into three parts. The first, the word "address" is the main part of the domain, which usually indicates the product or service offered or company name. The second part, the .COM, can vary depending on the use of the site. Although the .COM is more common, you can easily find extensions such as .NET, .ORG, .GOV and others. Finally, ".BR" indicates a Brazilian site, although this is not required.

In practice, this means that even if the url "COM.BR" with the name of your company is not available, sometimes you can find them with other extensions.

How much does it cost to have a domain?

The cost to purchase a domain can vary enormously. If available, the cost generally is around $5.00 to $20.00 per year – a relatively cheap value. Some web hosting providers even offer free domain registration for customers who hire their services.

However, when the domain you chose or need is already in possession of third parties, prices have no variation limits – it's free negotiation. There are even people and businesses living on selling domains for business groups. Always check the availability with anticipation, to align your campaigns and brand strategies.

You can often also purchase multiple domains, with various extensions and variations and even predicting potential users of typos (so they will be directed to your website, even when they type the address wrongly). The low cost and ease of registration makes this practice to be quite common among companies.

How to register

As we mentioned, many web hosting services offer the possibility to register a domain included in their services quickly and easily. But for those who need to register multiple domains or has not opted to your hosting service, you can perform a search to payment records using the in the case of addresses for the Brazilian web, or also through specialized services abroad.

In Brazil, the site is quite simple and didactic, and requires few data to be filled. Payment can be made by slip or credit card. In the first case the releasing and domain confirmation may take a few days.

Why register?

Even if you only want to invest in a website later on, it's good to start now to find and register the domains that you want or need to use. Make a survey of what you need and make payments and registrations through Making the payment immediately, you only need to renew the domains acquired after one year.

For international domains, the registration number of areas can prevent other companies in Brazil and abroad, from making unwanted use of your brands on the web.

When in doubt, always try to register as many variations as possible areas to ensure that your company can get the most out of your brand on the internet.

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