OpenStack Cloud

The scalability and flexibility benefits of the public cloud with the performance, security and control of a private environment. Maxihost OpenStack Cloud is managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and developed exclusively to avoid major problems found in public cloud environments, such as lack of privacy, performance bottlenecks and lack of control.

The most innovative companies move faster with OpenStack

  • BestBuy
  • Bloomberg
  • Comcast
  • PayPal


See why Maxihost Cloud is different from ordinary public cloud and expensive private cloud solutions.

Economy of scale

Flexible contracts. Buy only the resources you need.

Choose how to manage

We manage, you manage or we co-manage together.

Easily scalable

Increase or decrease infrastructure resources and VMs quickly.

Secure and isolated

No noisy neighbor incidents; free of compliance issues.

Open source software, no vendor lock-in

Open source software means you’re not locked to one vendor, eliminating uncertainties at the time of adopting the cloud in your company. Maxihost OpenStack Cloud distribution includes the following services:

Compute (Nova) Provisions and manages networks of virtual machines.
Dashboard (Horizon) Graphical interface to access, provision and automate cloud resources.
Block Storage (Cinder) Persistent storage for use with cloud instances. Learn more
Networking (Neutron) API based IP and Network management.
Identity (Keystone) Centralized user directory, mapped to the OpenStack
services they can have access to.
Orchestration (Heat) Allows developers to automate the implementation
of infrastructure via templates.

Create servers in less than one minute

Use the control panel or the Compute API to create VMs in less than a minute. Integrate with your systems or use the command line to automate provisioning tasks.

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