The Best Websites Host

Here's what you need to analyze at the time to choose which is the best hosting sites for you.

How to choose a web hosting?

This is probably the question we always make when we decided to hire a web hosting company to host the website of our company. There are thousands of ratings and reviews on the internet, although the vast majority of them is linked to winning and paid indications, which makes these unreliable analysis.

But then, how to find the best web hosting sites? First, it is impossible to say that one or the other option is the best if you do not establish exactly what you need and what you want to use as true balance in your choice.

There are excellent web hosting services to wholesale clients with needs for a lot of space and large data stream. However, these host providers are not necessarily the best for small customers and bloggers, for example.

To find the best hosting, you need to determine what you want, and then ask questions and evaluate, among several options, which best fits your requirements.

  • Hosting Costs

    A lot of people only search for a cheap web hosting solution. In fact, if your want to simply setting up a website without many resources and with little or no update, search for the lowest price can be a good strategy.

    However, one must know what he is hiring up to determine if the cost is low or high. Suppose you hire a hosting service that charges only $ 4.50 per month. Great - but this service offers great limitations of space and bandwidth, and does not have some tools installed. If you analyze technically, it is not well updated and has outdated and older versions of essential systems, such as PHP and Apache.

    Always place side by side the settings and service levels of each of the hosting providers you searched, and then define which really is cheaper, and better, at lower cost compared to the benefits.

    Also, be wary of miracles. There is an average of the market for each type of online service, including the hosting sites. If the default value is far below the average, be wary because there may be some trick.

  • Support

    Even if you are already more used to dealing with website hosting and services and how to deal with FTP servers, cPanel, online file installation and manipulation and others, having a good support is always good, because problems do occur.

    Check the support contractual conditions of each hosting services you are searching for and, whenever possible, search for reports and third-party references.

    Before closing the deal, you should also test the phones and contact emails, to evaluate the response time and quality of the offered service.

Other necessary information

Check out below for more information needed when choosing the best web hosting sites, it is important to weigh each point in choosing where to host your site.


This is an attribute that does not appear on the websites of hosting companies. Try to test the speed or request for evidence of response times before hitting the hammer.

You can perform some simple tests, PING for example, to measure the efficiency of each hosting provider in terms of speed.


Stay tuned for installed versions of key management software, database systems, languages and frameworks as well as CMS platforms like WordPress and Joomla. There are hosting companies that offer automatic configuration in the case of these CMS systems, but generally installed versions can be outdated or even obsolete and defective.

Your webmaster or the professional who are developing your page can help you make a final decision.


If it's you who will control the account and the management platform of your hosting service, search for services that have ease of use, innovative and simplified platforms and better access to support and a help content.

Some systems may prove complicated in a second time, so make tests and browse all features before hitting the hammer in contracting and installing of your website in one or another hosting company.


Search for market references about the service you want to hire: more reputable reviews, customer testimonials, information from specialists and webmasters and, why not, contact the company and ask the questions you want.

A good service begins even before you close the deal – so if doubts remain, even after a first contact, the best alternative is perhaps to opt for another company or service.

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